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Company Profile

Marshal Building Demolition & Maintenance Est.

Established in the year 1980, we are one of the leading companies in Dubai, engaged in Building Demolition, Earthworks, General Transportation, Scrap & Metal Trading…etc solely owned by a UAE national. We have excellent reputation among our clients both National and Multinational, big and small consultants, constructors and owners/ companies.

Main responsibilities of our company:

  • Safety is our #1 priority and we have a dedicated EHS & safety department which reports directly to the managing director to insure all works are carried out safely without any danger.

  • Compliance with all rules and regulations and guidelines of all authorities involved in our scope of work such as Dubai Municipality, DEWA,RTA…etc

  • Execution of all jobs without any delay to the client.

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Main activities of our company:

  • Demolition works: All types of controlled demolition including partial & full demolition of Multi-storied buildings, villas, warehouses, chimneys…etc.

  • Supply of building material: supply & delivery of all types of aggregates used in construction such as washed white sand, black sand, road base, natural gravels…etc.

  • Excavations & earth works: using excavators & wheel loaders to excavate and cart away the debris out of site. We also have compaction services available.

  • Metal & scrap sales: we buy all types of unwanted salvable items such as steel, aluminum, cables, copper…etc.

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The focus of our reputation is due to the competence, commitment and credibility which are the main driving forces that motivate us. we are fully geared to handle the Demolition of Multi-Storied buildings, Cart away of Debris, Excavation, Earthworks and subsequent supply of construction materials in our own transports from our supply yard and general maintenance as and when requires.
Our Group of well experienced and dedicated personnel is highly committed to standard quality job works and safety standards at affordable cost in maximum performance.
We have demolished more than 1500 Buildings in various types and sizes in the past few years.

We list as below some of the prestigious projects, recently we completed successfully in the field of Building Demolition, Excavation, Earthworks and Cart away.